Sprinkler Solutions: What to Do if Your Fiber Installation Affects Your Yard

Sprinkler Solutions: What to Do if Your Fiber Installation Affects Your Yard

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to turn on our sprinklers and get our lawns ready for the warmer months ahead! If our crew has recently worked in your yard, you might be wondering what to do if your lawn, especially your sprinkler system, has been affected by your conduit installation. Let’s dive into what to do if your lawn, or more specifically your sprinkler system, has been damaged during the installation process. 

First, let’s clarify a couple of key points about your fiber installation:

  1. After you have signed your agreement and have scheduled your appointment for installation we will then notify Montana’s Utility Notification Center and they will send a Utility Contractor to mark your property. This will generally happen within 48 hours of them being notified. Unfortunately, your sprinkler system is not considered a utility and therefore can’t be marked by a Utility Contractor. This can lead to damage to your sprinkler system when we are installing the conduit that will house your fiber line. (you can learn more about the installation process here) 

We understand the possibility of sprinkler line damage can be scary but never fear, we have you covered! If our installation crews cause any kind of damage while installing your fiber we will take care of the repairs. All you need to do is contact us as soon as you notice the damage. 

  1. Taking care of damages doesn’t just apply to your sprinklers. If you notice any other damage we may have unintentionally inflicted on your property during the installation process let us know, and we will get it taken care of. 

Now that we got those key points covered let’s talk about how to get us involved! 

First things first you’ll want to test your sprinkler line as soon as the weather allows it. As you are testing it log any damage you see (broken lines, water leakage, etc.) and make a note of where the damage is. 

Next, take stock of any damage to your grass or other areas of your property our crews worked while installing your conduit. 

Once you have collected information on the damage, send it over to our incredible customer service team! They will work with you to set up a time for it to come be repaired. You can reach them through any of these channels.

Phone: (406) 312-5777

Email: support@yellowstonefiber.com

Website Chat: www.yellowstonefiber.com

Once you have contacted our customer service team someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours to start the repair process so that your sprinkler system and lawn can be in tip-top shape for the upcoming spring and summer! 

If you have any other questions about the installation process or your Yellowstone Fiber service please reach out to us at support@yellowstonefiber.com we would love to answer any questions you have!