build-out Timelines

In an effort to fast track connecting homes, footprints will be released in phases as the fiber lines are connected. To learn when phases are released check out our Facebook page for updates.

A map of all footprints can be found here

Footprint Number of addresses to be completed Estimated Completion Time
BZ001 1,434 4th Quarter 2023
BZ002 1,589 3rd Quarter 2023 - Pre-Order Status
BZ003 1,991 4th Quarter 2023
BZ004 1,465 1st Quarter 2024
BZ005 1,315 TBD
BZ006 1,328 4th Quarter 2023
BZ007 2,1504th Quarter 2023 - Pre-Order Status
BZ008 1,898 TBD
BZ009 1,439 TBD
BZ010 1,719 TBD
BZ011 1,898 Complete
BZ012 1,712 TBD
BZ013 1,708 4th Quarter 2023
BZ014 1,422 4th Quarter 2023
BZ015 1,798 Complete

*All timelines are tentative and subject to change at any time*

Number of homes available for connection​