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Why Yellowstone Fiber


When you have Yellowstone fiber you never need to worry about your connection. We go to great lengths to maintain our network and ensure that your connection is always up and running.


Here at Yellowstone Fiber we believe that high-speed broadband should be affordable for everyone! That’s why we give you the option of 3 different Internet Service Providers to choose from. You can pick the provider that best fits your needs and your budget!

Ultimate Speeds

Slow internet is a thing of the past. Here at Yellowstone Fiber we are all about setting the bar higher when it comes to high-speed internet and making sure that our customers always have the high speeds that they need.

Frequently asked questions

Yellowstone Fiber (formerly Bozeman Fiber) is a non-profit fiber provider for Gallatin County. We started as a non-profit back in 2015 to service the school district, city and county buildings of Bozeman, MT. In 2017 we became commercially operational and began operating as an open access network to increase competition, and to allow customers to select the best service for their business at the best available price. Although we are starting in Boseman, MT our intent is to offer High-Speed fiber internet services to the entirety of Gallatin county. 

You can sign up by going to our sign up page

Fiber internet uses fiber optic wires which are hair-thin, flexible strands of glass that light beams can travel through. These fiber optic wires function as a waveguide to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber. This means that fiber internet can handle basically an infinite amount of speed!

Residential symmetrical speeds will start at 250 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps.  

Business speeds vary and can go up to 100 Gbps if needed.

The monthly cost will start at $65 for 250 mbps and go up to $80 for 1Gbps. For information on business pricing please contact us at

Connection times will be dependent on demand.  Once an area is “lit up” which means the fiber is active, we hope to have people connected within two weeks.  The project will take up to three years to complete, and you will be able to sign up when your area is under construction, with home installation beginning when we are able to activate the area.

To check if you home is available for connection visit our Build Out Timelines page. 

Yes! We operate on an open access network with 3 different ISPs to choose from.

We currently have 4 ISPs to choose from:

  • Global Net
  • Sumo Fiber
  • Xiphos
  • XMissio

We will be servicing out Bozeman and select portions of Gallatin County in our initial rollout with our ultimate goal is to service the entire county! You can find maps of current and future service areas on our Buildout Timelines page.

Absolutely! If your HOA is interested in Yellowstone Fiber they can reach out to us through email at with their request. If your neighborhood is not in our current build-out footprint, your HOA can certainly reach out to talk to us about financing an extension into your area.

The actual installation will typically follow your electric service-either via aerial approach or if buried, we will come through your yard with ¾” conduit to near or at the entry point of your electrical service. Learn more about our installation process here.

Our offices are located at 77A Nugget Lane, Belgrade, MT  59714.

Some areas are available for sign up now!  You can check to see if your address is available for connection by visiting our Sign Up page or by checking out our Build Out Timelines page.

There are so many benefits but here are a couple of our favorites:

Speeds are only limited by current technology. You can actually get over 100 Gig to a home at this time. In the future, that number will continue to increase as technology improves laser and router technology.

The internet operates on laser light pulses which are nearly impossible to intercept without the provider being able to identify the penetration of the line and its location of the penetration allowing for increased security compared to copper or cable based systems.

Fiber is not interrupted by weather. If you have a battery backup for your system in your home, you will not lose service when the power goes out.  Our system has back up batteries and generators which will ensure signal comes to your home-with your battery backup then ensuring your ability to continue to receive internet services.

Your mainline service will be on a redundant loop. Individual streets may not be on a loop.  If a fiber cut occurs on a mainline, we will reroute within a short period of time maintaining your service, keeping your home operational.  If the fiber is cut on a side street, we will be onsite and should have service restored in a matter of hours.  In isolated cases, it could be out for up to 24 hours.

Sunspots, snow, rain, hail and lightning will not affect your service.

Fiber is future-proof. The fiber itself can carry immense amounts of data, and is only restricted by the laser technology creating the signals. This technology continues to improve as lasers are refined.

Costs have been stable for years and outside of inflation should remain stable for years to come.

We are different because our company’s goal is not based on profit, but on bringing world class service to as many people as we can.  Extra money earned will go to the expansion of our network and to pay off current debt (allowing us to secure future funding for expansion).

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Yellowstone Fiber's Light Speed Network

Yellowstone Fiber’s main goal is to provide our customers with world-class fiber optic internet service. As a non-profit, our goal is not to make a profit but to provide quality service. We put any profit we do make into expanding our network to more people. We are guided by our board of business leaders and we are constantly working with our community to improve it through attracting and retaining jobs. We’re building our network to cover not only Bozeman city but the
rural areas of Gallatin county! Our hope with this network is to give everyone the opportunity to step into the future with our astoundingly fast, reliable, and affordable high-speed broadband

Our dedicated Internet Service Providers

With Yellowstone Fiber enjoy the freedom of choice by choosing from any of our Internet Service Providers.