Current ISP Promotions

Below are each ISP’s current ongoing promotions. Restrictions may apply. If you have questions regarding any of these promotions, please reach out to that specific provider. Their contact information can be found on our website here.

1 MONTH FREE – Pay for 11 months up front get your 12th month FREE!

Get your 1st month free when you use the promo code found at

Use Promo Code YFR23 for 2 Months Free Xiphos Service

If you are a 1st responder, Gallatin County Employee, BSD7 Employee, MSU Employee or a Veteran. We are offering 10% off monthly residential services using Promo code YFFR2023. This discount does not expire!

Get your first month free (or $80 off the first month of 10 Gbps) for customers that sign up online at

New Customers Only, First Month Free! Use Promo Code: ONEFIBER